The next threat to bees?

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Nov 10, 2008
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News has emerged of the latest threat to nature: drug-addled bees, hopped up on crack by crazed scientists...

read the full story here

Of course it does beg the question - Why?
i saw this story and thought it was a funny experiment.....why.....because they can.

wonder if the bees talk absolute crap while theyre high.

:party: woot woot toot toot!!
Given that the new years sales have started early, has also April fools also come early?
but they wont fight and rob

my bees don't need drugs to make them fight or rob. They'll do it anyway given half a chance.

I've also witnessed bees robbing fermented honey and then going berserk, fighting each other, and buzzing about upside down. Just like most Saturday nights on our high street. :boxing_smiley:
Drugs and drink for bee's,they get drunk while working lime trees.

Yes, Chris - but give them a spliff and they will stop that malarky - not that I have ever tried it - a child of the sixties too -
The next threat is that auto industry colapses and we cannot drive car any more. That will be the end of beekeeping

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And the end of varroa, it will be life Jim,but not as we know it.

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