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Sep 4, 2011
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My parents stopped by late this afternoon having spent a happy couple of hours stuck on the M5 after a pedestrian apparently "fell" off a bridge over the road and was subsequently hit by several cars, which I imagine was really exceptionally unpleasant for all involved.

They came bearing gifts of alcohol, cheese and chocolate and left after an unusually short stay claiming they were already late because of the problems on the roads.

My wife has now wrapped one of the cheeses in seven separate layers including a sealed plastic box and we've been able to move downstairs again. It may be several weeks before we can open the fridge door without wearing full PPE however and the sound of a jar of pickled chiles hammering on the door to be let out is quite distracting. I've had to turn up the volume on my headphones to drown it out.

I have a cheese like that in my fridge currently from our selection this year. It’s a scottish brie, aptly called ‘Minger’, it’s going to have to leave the house tomorrow!
I have a cheese like that in my fridge currently from our selection this year. It’s a scottish brie, aptly called ‘Minger’, it’s going to have to leave the house tomorrow!

My father-in-law used to buy something similar when they went on holidays to France. They could never use the same ferry more than once.

I brought a limburger cheese back from Germany in the car boot once. I had to leave the boot open for a week and the cheese went in the bin. Stinking Bishop pongs badly but if you're brave enough to actually eat it it's surprisingly good....a bit like eating Durian fruit
We had some Camembert that had to live in a plastic box in the shed until it was eaten, only coming into the house during consumption. Our nearest neighbour made a comment that there was a strange smell when they went into the garden during that period. - the plastic box had to be destroyed.
we bought a cheese called a 'petit Breton' years ago on a visit to Dinard. we left it in the car and went for an explore, when we came back SWMBO was convinced some local scally had managed to get into the car and pinch one off on the back seat. We had to drive all the way back to our cottage with the windows wide open. Superb taste and texture though.
A few years later when I was 'catering officer' for the crew I found it on sale in Sainsbury's - everyone agreed it tasted superbly, but it was the one cheese that was not allowed, in any circumstances, to breathe before our 'traditional' Sunday dinner. In fact the messdeck used to ring with cries of 'fair wind to port chiefy' and replies of 'as long as you pass the arse over!'
it’s gone, my daughter opened the fridge this morning and I smelled it two rooms away, hope I don’t have to replace the fridge 😬
I love a ripe camembert but even inside a plastic box, in the fridge, every time the fridge door is opened it leaves a trail of blistering scent lingering through the house so it's mostly banned by 'er indoors who can smell it when it's still in the supermaret trolley .... I make do with equally tasty but less antisocial cheeses ... we used to have a local cheese, wine shop and coffee shop (who also sold my honey) but they were a casualty of covid and the economic downturn (and a greedy landlord !) and were forced to close. I've had lots of different cheeses recommended by them which had taste without the smell ... it's not the same buying prepacked stuff from the supermarkets and they rarely have the more unusual cheeses from the smaller producers.

We usually go to the Frome Agriculture and Cheese show which has some of the best UK cheeses on display and for sale ... it's well worth a visit if you like your cheese:

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