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Sold - National brood box and super parts clear out

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Jun 6, 2017
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Hi Folks,

As I haven't kept bees for a few years now, I'm clearing out a load of National hive parts. When I started out about 20 years ago, I bought these from a colleague. He had bought them from a retiring beekeeper who had them made by a local joinery firm. All parts are good quality redwood pine. I've made up ten or so complete hives from these over the years. Even unpainted and simply nailed together they lasted pretty well, and the ones I screwed together and painted with white Sadolin have lasted well over ten years.

I have:

34 x brood box sides
32 x brood box fronts/backs

86 x super sides
26 x super fronts/backs

83 x top bars
69 x bottom bars

6 x roofs

The top and bottom bars are the same for brood boxes or supers, with two of each needed per box. Without acquiring or making any more parts, you could assemble 34 boxes in total from the top and bottom bars. There are enough sides and fronts/backs to make 16 brood boxes and 13 supers, but you could easily cut down the brood box fronts/backs if you wanted less brood boxes and more supers. Or just acquire some planed 3/4" x 5" timber to make more supers as the fronts/backs are just a simple rectangle.

The roofs are simply four dovetailed pieces of 1/2" x 7" timber that fit together to make a square sleeve. You will then need to add a piece of square plywood (not included) on top plus something to waterproof it.

£200 for the lot.

Everything needs to be collected from Cambridgeshire.

I will take these if they will fit in my large estate car
Hi @HughMann Should be no problem to getting them into an estate car, that pile is about 4 ft long.

Send me a message with your email address and I'll let you know where I am.



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