Sealed queen cells in Demaree

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Feb 10, 2022
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Potters Bar, Hertfordshire
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Many apologies if this is already answered somewhere on the Forum.

I did a Demaree on 5 April. I had checked the upper brood box twice before today (on 9 and 12 April) removing (I thought) all the queen cells (3-4 charged but not sealed each time). But today there were three sealed queen cells which I removed. The old queen is happily laying away in the bottom box where there is lots of space. She is last year’s queen so still young. Is there anything I should do, should I be worried?

Many thanks

Is there anything I should do, should I be worried?

Nope - it's all going to plan, you have separated the queen from the brood and the nurse bees, being further away from the queen and only getting the odd whiff of pheromone think she's on the way out so have gone into supersedure mode. Just keep on taking down the QCs until they can't make any more.

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