Queen cell still open after a week

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Not much can be done about open mating, but I've not heard of disease transmission that way.
Unless you want to only buy in instrumentally inseminated queens at a high price - how else do you think they're going to mate?
Just to update you guys as your advice was very useful. Bought a flatpack national from thornes, spent the weekend builidng it and put a quick coat of primer on the outside (hope the bees dont mind). Queen is doing OK in the 6 frame nuc so transferred them all in the the national today. Couldn't see eggs by I inspected at 5 and my garden is shady by then so cant see them well. Im giving them a super day 1 so I dont do it late like last time. I havent fed them for this reason (should I? To help them draw comb but take the super off maybe)

the WBC bees made 5 queen cells on the frame of eggs i gave them so thats pretty sweet. Mostly sealed. I destroyed 4 and kept the biggest of the 5. (Maybe I should have kept 2 I dont know). But a big thanks to the person who suggested I donate the frame of eggs.

The wbc ladies are filling out the brood box with honey and ignoring the super except for slowly drawing out some comb. I think this is what gave them the swarming instinct in the first place because they must feel honeybound in the brood box.

Any feedback /ideas on how I can get them to actually use the super?? I'm hoping in July and august they actually realise theres a super up there.

I'll probably leave the WBC squad alone for 3 (?) weeks now to work on their new queen.