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House Bee
May 8, 2009
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Southampton Hampshire
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I made a three nucs a few weeks ago and noticed last week that two nucs were rammed so I put them into hives.
The third had only a few eggs, under half a frame and was starting to be backfilled.
I thought maybe the new queen mated later and was just starting to lay.
This nuc had three frames that had brood/food when the nuc was made up but had not grown outwards to the empty drawn frames.
Today I had a good look and they were beginning to fill the outer frames and the centre four full of new eggs.
I thought I'd pop them into a hive but when I lifted the nuc and put it onto another roof I found five big combs hanging on the wire floor of the nuc box.
Ah well I thought it's only stores but there was a large amount of brood in it.
I don't know if the queen had ventured out to lay in the comb or there are two queens.
Either way I have started a robbing frenzy.
I've made all the entrances small and left them to it, is there anything else to stop the robbing?
Apologies for the long post

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