Removing super temporarily for varroa treatment

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Aug 1, 2010
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Normandy, France
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I have one super on my hive and it is full of honey. I plan to remove it while I treat for varroa then put it back for the bees over the winter.
If this is ok should I replace it with an empty super to ensure bees have enough room as the young Queen is now laying or would this make the varroa treatment less effective?
I haven't got a centrifuge to extract honey yet and would prefer anyway to leave some for the bees anyway.
As far as I know if you don't want to extract that super of honey and feed the bees instead then you can leave it of during varroa treatment, just make sure that it's marked as being only for the bees as you can't extract honey that has been present during treatment. Make sure to apply the treatment between the brood chamber and the super of honey, not on top of the honey or it won't be as effective.

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