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Aug 18, 2010
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Hi I have just got back from my holls checked my hives and hive 1 queen has stopped laying there is no real brood left but she is still there should I start feeding? she is this years queenbee-smilliebee-smillie
have just made up 2 pounds of sugar to 1 pint water syrup shall start feeding tomorrow do you think she might start laying again this year? shall I keep feeding till they dont take any more?
I went round to have a look at my neighbours hive for her a fortnight ago as there were no eggs - there were absolutely no stores either.

6 litres of syrup and she started laying again like a little trooper.

Had a similar problem earlier this year (RAB knows!)

My theory is that she just slowed down laying to the bare minimum for some unknown reason. Then, with a strong colony collecting nectar and pollen, she began to run out of space as it was filling up with food.

On advice of a more experience BKA member, I decapped some stores and scored the wax where there was pollen in one frame. Placed frame in centre of hive and they cleared it, repaired the wax and she started laying in it.

So it depends on what's going on in your hive re stores, space, state of frames, queen OK (no damage), spraying of crops locally etc. etc.

Look at what going on, make a note of it and the answer is there somewhere - thanks RAB !!!

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