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May 14, 2022
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Hi today second inspection I Found a queen cell with jelly inside not very long, but It did have a lot of jelly inside I did crush it but don’t think I shouldn’t have now. I didn’t see any more with jelly in but lots of play cups. I never seen the Queen she’s unmarked I court her late last year and could never see her still jampacked with bees any thoughts on what to do? Now
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How’s the hive set up….you say it’s rammed did you add some more room? How many frames of brood? Do they need another bb.
It’s a national brood box with super put on last week thanksI left the Queen excluder out cuz frames were not drawn just foundation 7-8framrs of brood
queen cell with jelly inside not very long, but It did have a lot of jelly inside
Have you a swarm plan ready to roll?

8 brood, jam-packed in one BB means no space for the Q to lay = bees have reached maturity & decide to replicate.

Super will have no effect as it's foundation, and too late.

Did you see a larvae in the royal jelly?
Yes, got equipment ready for a split I put the foundation in last week 70% drawn out. There was no brood in the super, but I’ve put the Queen excluder back on now. I didn’t notice any lava but there easy could’ve have been. not sure if it’s superseding or swarm it was in a hole on the inside of the frame