OSR flowering time info needed

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Feb 18, 2010
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How long is a piece of string
How long does this flower last and how long do the bees work it?
It is being worked by my bees should i try to find the farmer to see if they are going to use any pesti on them?
And how long does it take them to fill a box of 9 frames ? a bit of a how long is a peace of string Q really but a rough idea would help :cheers2:

I have been thinking about the all day can't wait to have my next look inside the hive:)
From days rather than weeks to infinity.

You may find they are a little tetchy when on rape,just so you know why they are playing up a little if they do.

Calder Oilseed Rape & Bees

The only title on this most important and profitable honey crop


I have a copy,its not bad,can be purchased from Northern bee books.
Used to be 6 weeks but ow 3 ish depending on pigeon damage.

Mine is just coming into flower and as already posted was to be sprayed at 5% and that has been done so I am moving bees tomorrow night.

However and this is where you need to know where your bees are working I have been pre warned that their agronomist has advised they spray with an insecticide at full bloom no less. Not standard advisable practice as I understand it but that is what they are to do and I have to work around them.

I wonder if the local IWBKA works with the farmers to have info of when and what is being sprayed .
Thanks for the tip on the book Admin.
Ph , do you aproach the local farmers to see what they are upto with sprays ?
Is there a easy way to find out who owns what fields or is it a case of knocking on doors.
I know as it is one farm.

You may be looking at doors yes.


OSR tends to be sprayed very early in the flowering period..about 5%,flowers so if it yellow, unliley to be sprayed now but find the source for next year, to ask farmeer then, here it last 3-5 weeks

remeber osr honey set solid if left too long, best use this period to draw the langstroth brood frames

super filing depends on drawn comb or foundation, and distance from the OSR, mine fill two super of OSR in 4 weeks last year
I was hoping to leave the OSR in the frames for the bees, is this ok to do ?
As i'm hoping to expand the hive i have put no QE in just let them have full access .


Weather very nice sunny and warm.
Distance 1/4 mile
Hive strenth i don't no as it's my first and only, but a lot of action at the door :)