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I am after Feedbee the pollen substitute which is is not sold in uk. used to be able to get ultra bee from bee equipment but now they also took it away and only sell 3XXg mini tubs and i believe thats the last of their stocks.
i got a reply from them, they said this to me. oh well. i may get it shipped to friends in france and if they come visit via channel tunnel they can bring over...

Very many EU beekeeping companies won't sell to UK customers direct since Brexit.

The other year I wanted to get a honey churner from its main German distributer. Thornes sell them but a lesser model at a higher price (even after accounting for p&p from Germany). I could have got one up until Brexit but was just too late.

Simon also mentioned that impossibilities with trading with Europe was a major factor in him deciding to close his SBK business. 🙁
You could see if the companies sell on their country specific versions of eBay and Amazon, that way the listings sites usually take care of the import / export requirements. Alternatively see if there's another supplier outside of the EU, then you won't have to cross the customs wall.

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