Oil Seed Rape (OSR) nectar yields

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Aug 11, 2017
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Yes, I know this is like asking "how long is a piece of string..." but,

per acre (or hectare) does anyone know how much nectar OSR produces. It can theoretically be calculated, of course in practice no where near 100% of this figure would be available to the bees, etc. etc.

If you do online searches you will find varying claims that an acre of white clover produces throughout it's flowering season so many pounds of nectar (and pollen), just wondering if anyone knows what this would be for OSR, just for comparison to clover.
Not sure how this helps you knowing nectar produced as very variable depending on temperature and water content of soil.
What is very important for honey collection is distance your bees are from the OSR nectar.
Last season I had 4 hives sat in a field of OSR, averags was 120lb/hive OSR rape honey. Another apiary OSR was 1/4 mile away, average for 6 hives was 90lbs/hive. Garden apiary with another 6 hives was 1 mile away from nearest OSR fields. Average was 50lbs/hive.
Time and motion.
This year hives on rape made 60lbs average....late delayed spring...no foraging force at time needed..

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