Nucs in Winter?

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Apr 13, 2009
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Staffordshire, UK
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As a relative beginner; I kept bees for a very short time about ten years ago, and am now returning, there is something that has puzzled me for a few days now.

I never had anything to do with nucs before, I had a couple of WBC's [big, ain't they?], and some of the most ferocious bee's you could ever have seen, I used to tame 'em with a whip and chair, like a lion tamer.

If you have a nuc, say five frames, the queen and her attendants must occupy a fair proportion of the cells - how do they survive through the Winter, I mean, there's no super, so where is the food?

John [sameagle]
If you feed in Autumn as the queen stops laying the empty cells are filled with stores.
5-frame nuc is quite bad idea to over winter. It has difficulties during winter and it is slow to build up in spring.

Whole box of bees is what you should try. It means however that you have at least 3 boxes in summer.