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Jun 8, 2010
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Dartmoor edge, uk
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5...2 wooden National, 2 poly Nat & 1 poly nuc...bursting at the seams
Now I remember...why I became a beek! Just went into hive to place Hivemaker's thymol pads and - they were LOVELY!

They have never taken any notice of smoke, and were rather too keen on stinging for my liking, but today they were the bees from heaven!

I smoked (hope over experience), waited, took off the lid, smoked a little more - stood back awaiting attack and...nothing...looked into the hive to see rows of bums with heads in cells eating. First time ever!! Managed a small inspection, and to place Hivemaker's pads witout any arsey behaviour at all. It was an absolute pleasure for the first time in ages. YES, YES, YES!!!!!!:party-smiley-050:
Well done queens,the attitued of the beekeeper has a lot to do with how the bees behave in my opinion,some beeks never get to this stage even after years of experience.

How can your bees feel relaxed if you are not.

It sounds like you have cracked it !! well done :cheers2:

Now you can really start to enjoy this hobby,ok they will still have their moments,but now you are in charge,your a beekeeper not just a keeper of bees.
Good news, Queens.

Glad you've worn them down with your persistence. It must mean that the bees are not aggressive by nature, maybe just twitchy when something else (wasps?) was going on that annoyed them.

Well done Queens - that's good news. I'm going into the hive tomorrow to put the second Apiguard treatment in - hope mine are as nice to me as yours were!

Well done. Likely they are well provisioned and not stressed - and likely not as much by you, either, as you gain experience and confidence....

They may not be quite so well disposed once the thymol makes their eyes water!

Regards, RAB
Thanks all - When i first had them they were lovely, and in myfirst month they never stung at all - they underwent a personality change while Q- and never quite forgot that I wasn't a I was stung every inspection, up to 6 times. So such a lovely change!
I must have been lucky so far, I've only had a couple of stroppy moments with my bees (and everyone else in the area had similar treatment on the same day!)

RAB your right Thymol does make them a little less tollerant! Last inspection was to put second Apioguard tray on and they weren't amused! Mind the weather wasn't that great here either. Got four stings in the glove on the first frame but they didn't get through! Lots of smoke later and they calmed down a bit.


Just wondering what removal of frames has got to do with changing the apiguard tray? Isn't it on top?

While treating I just change it/add it and close up! No messing about, unless something really especially needed! Not this time of the year.

Regards, RAB
Yesterday I put the second apiguard tray in the hive and had a quick look at the frames for eggs/stores. My girls were so nice to me - I was expecting a riot but it didn't happen! Phew!

I reckon they must know I then stand by the hive after the inspection in full combat suit smashing the brains out of a few wasps.


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