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Went to Plymouth Bookers this afternoon, they were really helpful. I certainly wasn't the first beekeeper they were amazed at the number of us who had been in.

The woman from the front desk went off to photocopy my welcome letter from the BBKA and came back with the manager, I was expecting a problem but he seemed genuinly interested in why we feed them and how etc...

Temporary card should be in the post in a week, 8-10 weeks for full plastic card.

There is mention on another thread not to use Morrisons sugar as it contains something harmful.

Yours Roy

Yes I saw that the day after I had poisoned my Bees with Morrisons sugar.:ack2:
They do not appear any the worse for it though :)
I managed to get my temporary BBKA card just before the Spring convention but no sign of a plastic card yet.
I went to Bookers at Kingswinford on Friday and the girl on the desk knew nothing about any BBKA offer, but did let me in on a day pass.
I have done a bit of Googling and the first reference to BBKA/Beekeepers/Bookers was on this forum. Nothing on the BBKA site to the best of my knowledge. Were we spoofed?
I have applied online and expect to get a call tomorrow from the manager, or his representative, to sort out membership. I'm sure that I will manage to make a good case.
I purchased 45kg of silverspoon (15kg packs of 1kg bags) at £8.99 each; 60p/kg.
The girls are happy with the syrup.
Doesn't seem to like the link.
It's under buy & sell - sugar at trade prices etc.
I went to my local Booker today....well I say local in the loosest sense of the word..........I took a utility bill, my passport and one of my honey problem, got booked in, the label has gone on my registration form, bought 75kg of sugar, total cost £41.97, that's 56p per kg. The wimp boy on the check out desk wouldn't lift a 25kg sack up..............ha ha, last time I worked in catering the sugar came in 112lb sacks, 25kg is easy peasy.............

Oh I got other stuff too...............child in a sweetie shop comes to mind.

At the local Costco T+L sugar was 52p/kilo today in 15 K packs, that's 23.6p/lb in real units.
Frisbee or maybe 1/2 florin 5 groats and 2 farthings.
C'mon JC! That must be 70 (in total) then? 35 on the inside and 35 on the outside? And you only put yourself in the 'bus-pass' group!!

I was going to put me in that group, but I wanted the statistics a bit more skewed; and that group apparently included the median, and I am, like you, keeping the average age down for the next 3(?) years.

Regards, RAB
I must have missed a lot in life . I jumped from juvenile delinquent to senile delinquent, well I think that's the way it went :confused:.
(For senile delinquent read senile dementia :hat:).

John Wilkinson
Nothing in the least senile or demented about you young John.Your just not trying hard enough.:)
Yes I saw that the day after I had poisoned my Bees with Morrisons sugar.:ack2:
They do not appear any the worse for it though :)

:) Nor mine. The bags do carry a "contains sulphite" warning. Apparently there's such a thing as sulphite allergy, and beet sugar is processed with sulphur dioxide.

It's fine. Same as any other white sugar.
Could be worse,decaffeinated coffee has the caffeine removed by washing it in Chlorine ..

So thats why it tastes like a swimming pool :puke:

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