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Apr 21, 2010
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Staffordshire uk
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Hi everyone, I have happened upon the forum for the first time tonight so this post is by way of an introduction. I am a newcomer to the world of Bees, well, not quite a complete newcomer, I spent every Saturday morning of last season at a local Apiary so am used to handling Bees and have a little knowledge of this amazing creature. I have a hive and somewhere to keep them, I now require my very own Bees (hence trawling the forums tonight) and then I am on my way...hopefully.
I have looked at a few older threads tonight and I have sent messages to some contributors also.
Well, that's it for now but I hope to contribute to the forum in the near future.
Welcome to the forum. I hope you can get bees soon. Swarm season has started in the South, so worth getting on a swarm list too, just in case.
Welcome, I joined this in March. Have found it extremely useful and the advice asked for has always been forthcoming. You get a variety of views that helps making sense of it all.
Be warned though members do seem to be like bees some are calm some a bit fiesty. Reminds me of being an apprentice when asking all those silly questions of the journeymen at the beginning. You know it is a daft question but something in the head just says it has to be asked. Same here, ask the question, some handle it better than others!! but they always end up giving the advice and the answer so desparetly wanted.
Got my bees yesterday after dong the course in the winter. What a day, something to look forward to definitely.
Good luck.
Hi gaztafari welcome to the forum goodlook with getting the bees

PeteN and Tonybloke I think you two should get together perhaps twins separated at birth same photo commercial hives 2
Exactly!! Been to busy building stuff and drooling over my nucs to sort out a different one.
Now I feel like a member of the forum, once the banter starts you know your accepted.
Dough I suppose there are lots of people with the same aviator photo and will probably see dozens now

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