New Mini Bee arrives !

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Queen Bee
Aug 24, 2009
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Wiltshire, Somerset, S Glos & S Oxfordshire
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Why not tell the whole world ?!

We had a new arrival this morning - not a bee but a mini me....a 2nd son (Samuel) arrived safe and sound at 9.50am. Queen bee is doing well. Old drone (me) is thinking of wetting the baby's head :cheers2: Pete....fancy popping over for a quick pinta ?

With any luck he'll be into bees in a few years time and can help his old man heft the supers !!

congrats Steve!! I bet he looks just like you!! (but shorter!) :party:
Congratulations Steve,

Shall we gather for a congratulatory brew some time soon at a place of your choosing?
Lovely news Steve,congratulations to you and your family. The mini me bit worries me,hope he did not arrive with a "LASER"
Well done Steve,say hi to your wife and the new addition for me.

And no you cannot keep the little one in your new Omlet Beehaus,use a cot like everyone else !
Congratulations. :hurray: Sound like one hive that's strengthened to survive winter. :party-smiley-050:

Congrats, especially to QB. After all bet she has done most of the hard work on this project!

Regards, RAB