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Feb 18, 2010
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After a lot of worry and effort today i found my new Queen:party:
She's alot bigger than the one i did the split from, but she's laying well and all's looking good.
The only thing was the bees filled alot of brood frames with stores,but i have added another BB below this one hope that helps.
I would like to thank those who guided me through this spilt in the beginging :cheers2:
The old Q (2009)she was Superceded in the other hive, but i have'nt looked for the new Q but i know she's there as she is also laying well.
All in all i am quiet happy with my progress in this new passtime , umm well today at least :D:sifone:
No doubt the future will throw all sorts at me but it's been a good weekend.
And to top it off B&Q have started selling pine planks at 6" 5/8
which is the exact depth of the Dadant shallow :)

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