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Stephen Matthew

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May 15, 2023
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Hi, I’m aware of the 3 mile/3 feet rule but relocating the hive for a few weeks or moving it 2 feet a day aren’t options. So I moved it 5 feet 2 nights ago and last night I moved it the remaining distance - 30 feetish. On both days I put a correx box in the old location and a few bees went back there but by the morning they were dead or dying. I put branches in front of the entrance and put a blocker in with the smallest hole accessible. A lot more bees have gone back to the original site and the 3 frames I put are quite full. I’m proposing to close them up at dusK and shake them into the moved hive. I’ve removed the blocker, most of the bees are in the hive. Should I continue with the branches/leaves or block it with grass? Any advice appreciated
I wouldn’t leave the correx box. In fact I’d clear the existing spot totally. Obstruct the entrance but don’t confine, what ever you do some will return many will find there way back to the hive. I would be prepared though for lots of milling around and some losses.
And how long should I obstruct the entrance for and should I leave the twig/leafy branches or replace with grass
I agree, leave nothing on the old site. You will get bees milling around it and clumping on the grass but be strong and ignore them. Obstructing the entrance does little in my opinion. Turning them to a different direction does more.

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