'Microscopy' & 'Seasonal Management', 6th & 7th April

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Jan 14, 2010
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As part of the NDB Short Courses series, we are trialing two two-day courses as an add-on to the Harper Adams Spring Convention this year. The courses run at the college on the Sunday (6th) and Monday (7th) of the Convention, 9:30 - 16:30. (If you are attending just for the Short Courses, you will not need to buy a Spring Convention wristband.)

Currently we have a couple of spare places available. Course outlines are as below and booking information is on the NDB Short Courses website.

Microscopy for Beekeepers

The microscope is a powerful tool which can provide a great deal of insight into the health and environment of our honeybees. We develop an understanding of both the compound and dissecting microscopes, with clear explanations of optical principles and practical steps to set-up and get the most out of these instruments. Using practical examples of honeybee anatomy, disease diagnosis, and pollen analysis, students will be able to practice many of the skills required of an Association Microscopist or for the BBKA Microscopy certificate. This course will be delivered by Ken & Dan Basterfield, NDBs.

Seasonal Management

Winter colony losses are regarded as a critical measurement of beekeeper success and broader honeybee survival. We view winter preparations as part of the natural seasonal cycle of beekeeping activity, and look to understand how the aims for our beekeeping and the management decisions we take at different times of the year may affect wintering readiness and success. We look in detail at the balance between objectives, aspirations, options, and unplanned events during the active seasons, and how these accommodate or disrupt a colony's inherent seasonal cycle. This course will be delivered by Dr. Ivor Davis, NDB.