Mead Course in Belfast 31st July 2009

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Feb 20, 2009
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Northern Ireland
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Hi there. Just a note for any Northern Irish Beekeepers or anyone who fancies the travel otherwise. The Institute of Northern Irish Beekeepers are running a one day mead making course on the 31st of July 09 in Belfast. Full details on flier attached. I booked on it today and they need a few more interested to make the event viable. All the best,

Alan :cheers2:

Details in the Document attached.
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It would be great to go on this, just trying to see what RyanAir would charge me for the 5 gallons of bubbling liquid on the return leg!!
Ha ha. Probably 100 euro. Easy jet into the International airport is better but only if you leave your mead at my house :drool5:. I think it will be a good day they ran one before but I missed it. Coming from London though would be a non starter driving and the ferry.

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