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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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I'm sure some of you have a copy of her book, Pollen Grains and Honeydew, and sadly she passed on the 2nd of Jan.

She was an excellent and very knowledgeable beekeeper and pollen specialist.

I was proud to call her a friend and she was a great asset as one of the mods on my little FB group.

Margaret and I exchanged doggie stories last Thursday. I knew she was in palliative care but even then she had time for others. She died three days later. I shall miss her.🥲
I became aware that that was the situation (she of course said nothing) and luckily I had time to organise some lovely chocolates for her. The supplier was going to post but I explained the situation to them and they couriered for me for no charge bless them. She was delighted with them.

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