Managing with out being able to work the bees?

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Heard one beekeeper divide up the brood box with alternate frames of foundation in a distant apiary that he left for long intervals. By June they should be able to handle it.
That means a lot of extra boxes and frames.

Think I'd find a helper. I might do it if I was nearby.

Good luck. I understand knee ops are painful. 😬
Deleted…sorry I completely misread the original post!
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But whereabouts are you? Sounds brill!
It’s a really fascinating country…my first time here. I’ve just arrive in Mumbai today, from Varanasi. I’ve been excited to visit Mumbai for years, ever since I read Shantaram!
Step daughter has just come back from a mini tour. We got lots of pictures. She loved it and wants to go back. Lucky you. February is the absolute worst month of the year.
I know how it feels had a fractured spine and cancer last year all better now. I made sure that there were plenty of bait hives and there were people who could step in if need be.Also made sure that the bees had plenty of space more than they would need .I did have a couple of swarms go into the bait hives but still managed the best honey crop ever found it less painful to remove frames from the supers for extraction instead of carrying heavy boxes. I suppose I'm lucky where my bees are in that swarms dont cause a problem to others.Dont try to over think it.