Ivy honey.

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Mar 29, 2022
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Hilperton Wiltshire
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Now in my second year of having Bees.
Did first inspection of the year today.
Saw the Queen.
Have brood in all stages about 50 drone cells, that's normal for this time of year ?
Brood on 3 frames.
I have a couple of frames of what I think is ivy honey , it is very dark.
Will the Bees use this as I have been told it's very hard and having overwintered may have crystalised ?
Also is honey that has had varroa treatments, Apiguard in autumn and oxalic vape around the end of december inedible.
Is it harmful to humans or just tastes like crap ?
The ivy honey stores are generally white and crystallised for me. With fresh nectar coming in they won't use it now. I remove and use with nucs and free up some brood space with drawn or foundation. You can't use honey after treatment for human consumption. There are differing views on oxalic (based on US trials) but certainly not with apiguard.
Try bruising the cappings to get them to use the stores, if not and there’s some income I’d remove those in the brood area to create some space. Obviously leave some if the weather turns.

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