How about this for a money spinner?

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Jul 15, 2009
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Not sure whether it should be here or in 'chat'.

Sell/hire a 1/12 share of a colony/hive (whatever) for a year - for 30 quid .

For the punter's outlay they get some wild flower seeds, a certificate and 'about' a pound jar of honey.

Good deal?

Seen adjacent (or underneath) a small bit about a beehaus (in a gardening mag).

My wife immediately suggested we could do that without having any bees. Buy the honey from Tesco, print off a few certificates and buy a bag of mixed wild flower seeds.

The column seemed to be separate from the Beehaus but might be construed that you own 8.5% of a beehaus for a year and get the above benefits.

A good possible potential scam going on there! And even if it is bona fide, a good system for keeping bees!

Get a thousand punters and that would do for 25 grand income for the year!

Regards, RAB
Grow your own.

I reckon I could do it much, much cheaper most years. Remember we only need 12 jars of honey and then any surplus would be extra profit. 360 quid would buy a hive and a colony anyway. Might be a good way to expand!

Regards, RAB
What about:
Your chance to save the honeybee!

For only £99.00 You will recieve:

The name of your choice painted on the front of your very own hive!

A monthly spring/summer email with pictures and updates on how the bees are getting on at this busy time!

Chance for 2 people to visit the hive during the summer!

4 x 1lb jars of your very own honey!

A certificate/photo that states how you are doing your special bit to stop the decline of the uk honeybee!

Special offer!!!
Save 25% off of the yearly fee by paying by annual direct debit.
Well I've got to hold my hat off to Tony.
If someone will fork out £350 p.a. per hive in return for £12 of honey he's on to a winner.
Good business model ... Who owns the hive after the first year?
According to the website the adopter only adopts it for a year, so presumably never owns it.
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Well, I don't like the whole "save the bee" thing - it doesn't seem honest and is likely to backfire when the truth emerges.
But if you read things closely your £30 does entitle you to a free visit to the apiary. A Red Letter Day experience would cost at least that - it depends on how long you get and whether you get to wear the beesuit and all. I still won't be investing in a share though.
What about taking it further.... why not set up

'Adopt a BEE'

Yes your very own bee!

In return for the cost of adoption you get ...

A personalised photo of your bee
You get to name it
You get a weekly update on it's development
You can even get a share of it's honey

The cost of adoption covers the above and also..

Providing shelter
Food & water
Medical cover
Health Insurance

In the busy season - its short lived and quickly replaced so opportunity for good repeat business.
I like that idea Thebhoy,you could even go further and offer buyers a piece of berlin wall type history by sending them a small piece of Grizzly's patio.