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Drone Bee
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May 12, 2009
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North Wilts
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Hi Guys

I am going to swap my two existing hives with a couple of fresh hives so I can give my existing ones some TLC and another coat of stain.

Is it time or is it too early?? (cold weather expected next week?)

Has anyone done their first inspections of the year yet?

With the long cold winter and my fingertips sore with drumming, I want to get out there and do it, but the health and safety of the bees come first...

first inspections

Done about 2nd Jan. Keeping the entrances clear and making sure bees would not fly in sunny periods.

Spring-clean? Probably mid April.

Regards, RAB
Sounds as if you will have to drum a bit longer Pete. You really do need temperatures where you could go out in a sleeveless T shirt and not feel chilly.

I managed to have a look at my colonies last weekend when we had full sun, no wind and +20C, but I am 350 miles further south.
Cheers Guys... i'll build a few more supers to keep me out of mischief!

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