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Ignoring all the faff about building regs and going back to what the forum is supposed to be for ie beekeeping.
most of us are happy enough for the conversation to evolve and embrace other topics, especially as this particular subject does have it's relevance to beekeeping
It's the way grown up conversations are meant to develop
Show me one example of this type of build in the UK that has been successfully operating for 5 years
Two public buildings built to Passivhaus standards, one actually used to teach how it's done (and they're both in GB): Enterprise Centre - Groups and Centres - UEA, Architype / The Enterprise Centre / The UK's Leading Passivhaus, Sustainable Architects

There are some nice examples of UK residential developments on this page: Projects - MBC Timber Frame and Passive House UK

The Passivhaus Trust ( - note the .uk bit) has numerous examples, all in the UK: Project Gallery

Most (maybe all) buildings constructed using modern methods don't have cavity walls, unless they have a masonry outer skin for show. You may be interested to know that most (maybe all, certainly all the buildings in the first four links) of these buildings are built on a raft of polystyrene to reduce heat losses to the ground. All within UK building regs of course.