Help: mysterious substance found on varroa board

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Am I right I thinking it's two brood boxes and two supers, so must be a tall enough hive for this time of year?
being so tall there may have been brace comb between frames or boxes that might have cracked during recent winds releasing honey?
why are there two varroa boards?
Are you saying the honey like substance is on the undersideof the plastic board?
2 brood boxes, 1 super below bottom brood, 1 super above top brood. Plastic varroa board underneath bottom super, metal board underneath plastic one. The (maybe fermented?) honey like substance was on the same face of the plastic varroa board - varroa and debris on the left hand side, honey like substance on the right hand side.
I think the water droplets are from wind driven rain, especially after the storms we have had all over the country.
you need to buy one of my WBC hives to put your national in.
WBCs are the only hive that it driven rain proof !
In which county are you located and how much are you seeking you WBCs for?

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