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Gilberdyke John

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May 5, 2013
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HU15 East Yorkshire
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Our local postmaster called me today. He was cutting the hedge behind the post office and there was heavy bee traffic into the hedge. I walked round and observed. First impressions were inconclusive. The bees were honey bee sized and carrying yellow pollen on the back legs with a constant stream of coming and going. The hedge is particularly dense so I couldn't see into its depths.
I did notice the soil at the base of the hedge was peppered with holes around 6mm diameter. Possible miner bees but no bees on or around the soil.
The bees have been around but in lesser numbers for about a week. I've arranged to go back Friday wearing my bee jacket and veil to trim the hedge back and determine what's inside the leafy shelter.
If there's comb and a cluster I'll hive them. Of course they may be miner bees or some other species.🤔 I'm waiting for my new glasses to be ready😎


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In for the updates!

From a very quick look online I would guess it's an orange tail mining bee, or maybe a leafcutter bee
Also that must be the best named bee I have heard off.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I went back around 11 am this morning with a kneeling pad and secateurs to have a poke about in the hedge where the activity had been greatest. Despite it being warm and sunny very few bees were visibly flying. Parting the foliage and looking deep into the hedge I couldn't see any bees or related structures, just a few holes in the ground at the base of the hedge stems. I did see one bee emerge from one of the holes and fly off but too quickly to get a good look. I'm thinking they are miner bees and as the postmaster was happy to leave them in peace as helpful pollinators I suggested that was the best course of action and left him with his new little friends.