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Jun 17, 2010
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BBC Hairy Bikers show searching for Britain's best cooking family
Date: 04.06.2010

The perennially popular Hairy Bikers are back and they're on a mission to find Britain's best cooking family in a brand new BBC Two show.
The brand new show will feature Si King and Dave Myers, mixing cooking, chat and entertainment in the series which will transmit weekdays from late autumn.
The makers of the show are now searching for families with a passion for cooking to battle it out for the title of Britain's Best Cooking Family.
Celebrity guests will also join the Hairies for some revealing chat each day.
Viewers at home can cook along with the Hairy Bikers. The shows will feature a seven-minute evening meal that viewers will be able to follow and serve up by the end of the programme.
Dave and Si say: "The programme is going to be an exciting mix of extraordinary ordinary families and celebrities who share a common bond of good food and cooking. It will be a great mix of chat and recipes guaranteed to make you super-hungry, with the chance to cook along and enjoy them with us every evening.
"And if that's not enough to whet your family's appetite, there will also be some simple but foolproof kitchen techniques and secrets indispensable to top chefs and fanatical foodies alike and equally useful in your kitchen at home.
"We're also looking forward to meeting some of our favourite celebrities – and rest assured we'll be giving them a good grilling alongside the teatime chops!"
Are you Britain’s best cooking family? Why not apply for the TV contest? Each team must consist of three family members; either three adults, or two adults and one child [the child must be over 12 years]. Any relations are welcome – cousins, daughters, uncles, in-laws. This is a contest for amateurs.
To request an application form, email [email protected] or apply online at or call 0330 1234 022
(Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles apply and calls may be included in your telecom provider’s call package)
***Terms and conditions apply and are available on request. Closing date Monday 12th July 2010. ***
Why would someone spam a BBC tv programme....:spam:
Either a spelling mistake - should read Hairy Beekers, or this is spam!
Its a guy from the BBC who asked if he could post it.

It would of read better if he had said admin approved..
I'll stick my neck out and confess that 'er indoors (who is a cook) and I thoroughly enjoyed their last series - a refreshing blast of fresh air, celebrating proper traditional "family food", including spots from people's homes (of all sorts) - and a welcome change from the elitist inedible cobblers dished up by many "cooking" programmes! I for one look forward to their new series!

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