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Dec 30, 2009
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Hi All
I know its early in the season, but I have always wanted to know in the super when placing on the brood chamber should the frames all run the same way, as in the past I put them on any old way ie criss-cross and the same when adding a super.
As usual would appreciate your thought on this.

Personal choice.
I run mine warm way and inspect from behind the hive,I think Langstroth frames have to run cold way?
I think Grub means should the frames in all the boxes run the same way, eg frames in super parallel to frames in brood.

I always assumed that the frames should all run the same way, but does it matter?
Think Admin misread your Q.

Same way is 'normal' bee behaviour! Won't see it criss-cross in nature, so why in managed colonies?

Also most people want to manipulate from the same side? Not keep standing on different sides to manipulate, getting things (taken off) at inspections in one's way.
Want any more reasons why?

BTW, Grub, they will all be the same way in the super!!

Regards, RAB
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This is much the same sort of question as to which way to put the excluder on. Just needs thinking about. Put down all the reasons for or against both ways and it will be obvious.

Regards, RAB

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