Found a honey bee colony where I walk the dogs

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Sep 5, 2019
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Yesterday completely by accident I stumbled across honey bees flying out of a hole in a tree where I walk the dogs, was nice to see a wild colony for the first time and seemingly doing OK.
I do have concerns about them due to them being so low down on the tree about waist height for people walking past and I was alerted to them because I unknowingly walked through their flight path back to their entrance. It's a farmers field with walkways around the edges where people walk their dogs, they seem very vulnerable there and with a large entrance would be easy for someone to throw anything in there to harm them. They might cause issues if someone gets too close and stung, on the other hand maybe they will get left alone who knows?

Is it best to leave them to it or is there someone I could contact or something I can do to help them?
There was a colony that lived in a tree right next to a heavily used footpath near me. The entrance is at ankle height about 3 foot from the path. Never caused anyone any issues. Seemed a strong colony but finally died out last year after at least 3 years of continuous residence. No doubt a swarm will move in this spring.

So, just leave them, they'll be fine. Only beekeepers will even notice they are there.