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Dec 8, 2008
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i have a huge number (10,000+) A3 sheets to fold in half to A4 there a machine that will do this for me...

i know i know weird question but by God I'm bored:svengo:
no its a knitting pattern and needs to be on one folded sheet...don't ask, brother's business brother's methods...i'd do everything differently but wouldnt be thanked for suggesting it. cheers f:cheers2:or the link
Any chance you could do say 10 at a time and crush the fold with a ruler then seperate sheets?
Can you wait until bob-a-job week and rope in a couple of unsuspecting scouts?
sadly no admin, they need to be pretty accurate and even doing 3 at a time the third always ends up screwed. Now cub scout workers...there's a thought there an origami badge?
Now cub scout workers...there's a thought there an origami badge?

Must be less work to knock one up in photoshop, rather than fold all 10.000 sheets yourself.

But, if not, maybe a couple of ex-Woolworths employees would be gratfull for some piece work?
You should not just take the first Woolworths staff that come along though.

You need to pickNmix them.
Do you have a friendly local printing firm? They may be prepared to put them on their folding machine for a small fee. The sheets of paper, I mean, not the ex-Woolies staff or boy scouts!


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