Can she really have mated aready?

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Jul 25, 2009
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sadly, no more!
I did an AS eleven days ago. Have not checked the hive since, because I was concerned about what the bees would do to a virgin queen if I disturbed them.

But today (with the best weather we have had so far this year), the bees have been in and out in very large number, and with no shortage of pollen. Could this mean the the new Queen has mated and is laying. Or might they just be good housekeepers and laying in stores against the day?
only way to find out is to open them, as its been 7 days. ive never had any problems opening them up at 7 day inspections as they have had time to settle.
We have exactly the same "worry". We did the AS 2 weeks ago, then split the capped queen cells across two boxes (effectively split the unswarmed portion). Today, these boxes are roaring with bees, loads out of the front, and just as much pollen going in as the "swarmed, queen right" hives. By the look of them (from the outside), they look like they need a super!

I thought you were meant to leave them alone for 3 weeks after the queen cell was capped?