Camouflage Bee Suits?

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Sold by Robert of Heatherbell Helston and guess he buys them locally, there seems to be a lot of manufacturers in Cornwall for some reason.
Not sure I would want a camouflage suit as I would feel that I was about to go into battle with the bees......maybe with my flame gun smoker :patriot:
And you cannot see any hidden bees as you 'undress'. Builders bums beware. White better :)
Was wondering about the quality/ price of them, didnt really fancy a white one (stick out like a sore thumb and all that). Good point by Heather, not being able to see any bees on suit. How did she know I had a builders bum?
I prefer my Sage suit to my white suit. The ground is pretty muddy where I keep my bees and the white one looks awful after a couple of visits. It`s handy having a spare anyway incase you need a hand from your wife/mate to move a hive or show a friend. I got mine from Paynes and I`m really pleased with them.


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