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Oct 19, 2009
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Newport, South Wales
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I have a colony presently on brood + half and they are out of space. I want to convert to double brood - what's the best way to do this? Add a bb+foundation under the existing bb and put the qx between the existing bb and super (with queen underneath)? Or what?
just put new brood box with foundation on top of old one, get the queen out of super to the BB and QE under super. only thing to watch are the drones who get stuck in the super.
Mine drew out and filled the whole brood box with nectar and brood with in the last week. one hive got already three supers on. I got three hives with brood and a half because didn't have QE at the right time. will get them right soon.


Split the brood and you are likely to get queen cells built in the box without queen. Break down those cells for the first week (until the youngest larvae are too old to make queens, plus a day or two (to be sure) and you should be OK.


three hives with brood and a half because didn't have QE at the right time

That, in retrospect, seems like it was a good idea. They would likely be ready for swarming by now for lack of brood space! You need lots of bees to collect lots of nectar.

Regards, RAB