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Equipment For Sale Brood Boxes (National) Supers, and various bits and bobs (Staffordshire)

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Oct 22, 2015
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I started keeping bees six years ago and like many beginners, I wanted to increase the number of hives. I am now finding I have too many and am selling on a good selection of essentials -

Queen Excluder x5
Supers x5 (3 with drawn foundation) (pine)
Brood Box x4 (cedar)
Oxalic acid vapouriser x1
Hive floors x3 (cedar)
Rhombus clearer boards x2
Perspex crown boards x2
Eke x1

Most of these were purchased assembled from Thorne.

The condition is what you'd expect after 6 years - looking weathered but no rot. They could be brought back to looking pristine with a little work and some linseed oil.

I am located in postcode ST21 - I'm 5 minutes from junction 14 on the M6.

I have other bits and pieces that I would sell if we can agree a price when the winner comes to collect.

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Hi how much do you want for all the floors and all the supers including the frames with them