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May 3, 2010
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Buxton Norfolk uk
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2 colonies now! and some spare parts.
I have a new hive. My first. It's been cold and windy for the last couple of days. I had a few dead bees thrown out by the hive but yesterday I found a grub on the front board dead. Is this normal behaviour? I have only had the hive fir a week and I hope to get in for an inspection today wind permitting.
Do they have enough food for the larvae? For that matter, is there enouh for the bees?

Was this a nuc a week ago? Are you feeding?

It does not take long before stores may be running short if the colony is/was expanding rapidly.

Regards, RAB
Can't resist a post with a Pythonesque title:

... and a Seasick Steve line in the signature!

The sudden shortage of goodies may have made your bees change their minds about raising drones. If times are tough inside the hive they will even toss larvae out the door.

Alternatively they might be uncapping brood with something up - Varroa infestation perhaps - and chucking them out too. That is less likely to be juicy larvae.

Is there much forage for your bees? Oilseed rape, cherry trees, sycamore, dandelions, general garden stuff? If so, a couple of warm days should see them OK. If not, you might like to feed them some syrup.

pleanty of oil seed rape close by here and my wisteria is in bloom. I will endeavour to open the hive later today and feed if I think they look dodgy.

I got the hive as a nuc from a localish keeper who I can trust.

the weather is sunny now but breezy, where I keep them is sheltered but could it be too sheltered? they are flying fine today (as far as I can tell with my limited experience) and coming back with pollen bags looking full.

But first give me your ways of feeding them please? is cake decorators fondant icing the same as fondant feed?

lol@Gavin, found a wasp in my garage that looked sick so I hit it to make sure it was dead!

I hate to kill anything but if I have to I will kill wasps and hornets to protect my bees!
But first give me your ways of feeding them please? is cake decorators fondant icing the same as fondant feed?

No - not the same thing at all. Cake decorators fondant has things in it such as egg white and possibly gelatine. Bakers fondant is just a boiled sugar product with liquid glucose it to keep it supple and moist. There is a good sticky on the Beekeepers forum section on Bakers to make it....where to buy it etc.

You need to look at feeding syrup now anyway rather than fondant.

Thank you frisbee, you didnt mock me for my silly question.

it has warmed up considerably here and the sun is shining.
I went for a walk around the village (it took about 5 minutes) and there are cherry trees and horse chestnuts galore around, its a very gardener friendly village. I stopped to chat to a villager and a honey bee happily settled by us to listen! it must have been one of mine:Angel_anim:

I will let you know what I find, even show a couple of pics maybe.

thanks for all your help
Sounds like they will have plenty of forage to keep them happy on the nicer days. Syrup is usually fed in a feeder such as one of those plastic buckets with a gauze piece in the lid, particularly if you need to feed them, well, bucket loads, as in the autumn when you are trying to ensure that they have enough stores for the winter. If they need a little help now even a (clean) honey jar with some 1:1 syrup and some perforations in the lid, inverted over the feed hole, can do good.

all the best

I have now done my first inspection with the help from my lovely assistant (Garry) and Lorraine (photographer), it all went well and I have posted an album. Lois first inspection. Have a look and tell me if it all looks alright.
It couldnt have been too bad because no one got stung and they buzzed around. All over in about 5 minutes.

Bu**er, I cant get the pics to load here.

have a look here then!

I thank you.
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Hard to tell from the pics as they are very small.

One thing on honey jar feeders the holes in the lid should be punched from the inside out.
One thing on honey jar feeders the holes in the lid should be punched from the inside out.

If you punch them from the inside of the lid the sharp bits are towards the bees. :confused:
correct, it gives a better droplet and empties completely.
I agree with Gavin. Thanks anyway for the information.