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  • Hi Janet

    Sorry I only just saw this post!

    Ow to the stings! I have taken to wearing two pairs of trousers and a long sleeved top under my smock and veil just in case they are stroppy again.

    My ladies are quite calm at the moment and I assume I now have a mated queen but I will look again next week and confirm she is there.

    take care

    Hi Lois

    Hope things are ok with you. Unfortunately I went into the hive on Sunday to give a friend 'a quick look' and the bees took exception to something on my trousers! I ended up with in excess of 20 stings on the front of my leg which have blistered something rotten! Oh well - occupational hazard I suppose!

    It's funny but it hasn't put me off - just made me order a pair of trousers from Thorns!

    Hope you are well.

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