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Jan 30, 2009
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Coldstream, Scottish Borders
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Just a note to thank Old Drone for reminding me about this Forum - I am emerging from my winter sleep - having been 'snowed-in' from December 13th to January 14th - and having endured 90 successive days with snow on the ground - and more than 100 days when the temperature rarely rose above zero. So much for global warming :laughing-smiley-004

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Here is a nice image of a classic 'supercedure cell' from last summer:

It was a very strange year: my bees produced 7 new queens in 7 hives in May - and ALL of them mated and began laying; I began to think I was getting the hang of this beekeeping game. However, Nemesis followed on Hubris; all seven hives superceded their queens within a month of them starting to lay - something was wrong. I discovered later that the Oilseed Rape field that was adjacent to my apiary was being used as a 'test plot' for different formulations of Imidacloprid and various fungicides. The seed-treatment company had laid out more than 20 sets of double plots - each about 50 metres long and 2 metres wide - and each plot received a different formulation of insecticide and fungicide. this does not 'prove' anything of course - but it was high on my list of coincidences. I have never had 7 hives all supercede their new-laying queens within a month - and I still have no explanation,

Thanks again to Old Drone for inviting me back to the Forum.


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