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Sep 28, 2009
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I have been offered a full hive of bees and the national hive for £200 from Seth Phillips of Black Mountain honey.
Is this reasonable and has anyone had any dealings with them?
If its a full healthy colony with hive then yes its cheap enough,some are selling five frames of bee's with queen for the same amount.
The forum had dealings with this persons web site not long ago,banned for spamming.
his names Seth Perry, not Phillips.
I'm a bit wary cos he says hes just moved to a farm somewhere and theres currently no landline or internet at present - only a mobile.
So its not from Black mountain honey then? Just looked at his website,so yes it is,Seth Perry of black mountain honey.
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I think although may well be a good deal a very good deal from the sounds of it dealing with someone who just has a mobile phone unless they are recommended is a bit like walking on thin ice and you may well be right to be a bit wary.
Did you try the landline number on the web site? or the e mail address.
i have been e mailing him, but he doesnt send replies straight away .
i havent tried the landline -or mobile- yet. I am trying to contact my local bee inspector and ask him first if hed heard of him.
Oh well,hope you find out what you need to,he put a link on this forum to his website just over a week ago.