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Wait a while for the tectonic plates to move and Scotland could be in the west or the east, or even further and we are in the southern hemisphere 🤣
Didn't Scotland used to be in the Southern Hemisphere anyway?
Travelling to other people's apiaries 30 minutes away there are variations, also a beekeeper who keeps bees in Gwent on higher ground than me, his flow has a tendency dry up before mine. Should we take elevation into account as well? The advice we offer is guidance, which may or may not fit at the appropriate time. The North might be 2 weeks later than the South.
There’s even variations in my own local BKA since it ranges from the West Sussex coast up to the South Downs. Similar to @pargyle in Costa del Fareham, our mild microclimate down here can be wildly different to less than 15 miles away inland. Even the forage starts and stops at different times.
I can drive 4 miles and be in Southern Cheshire. It's about 100 meters lower in elevation and 2-3C warmer.