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Doing some family mails but will scan a few cases.

Might be a bit of a heads up for some.

You could be found guilty of causing a nuisance for all sorts of things from practicising the trombone at 2:00 a.m. to no doubt letting your bees be a nuisance to neighbours. What constitutes a nuisance would be up to the court to decide. However, if you live in your own house and ever want to sell it and you have been in a dispute with your neighbours it will make selling the house harder.

There are two points to this issue - get insurance and keep the neighbours sweet. Hiding the hives from view also helps greatly if you can!
I make a point of asking my neighbours if they object to my keeping bees and promising them honey.

Steve should come into the 21st century: an Englishman's home is not his castle in which he can do what he likes... and has not been for at least 100 years..

Disputes with neighbours are to be avoided at all costs - for peace of mind and health of wallet.. even if it means occasional tongue biting.

Of course if you have the odd £250k for legal fees...
Thanks for the interest and replys. Nobody that I know of within 5 miles keeps honey bees so if any one gets stung with a bee it will be mine.
I will be taking my chances and not be giving up on this excellent hobby
You could try to sue if you want "But you cant get water from a stone"
or "A bird in the hand before you leap"
so if any one gets stung with a bee it will be mine.

Probably. Might be. Dont admit to it tho as it might not be.

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