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Hi all

Temp in Camborne Cornwall, yesterday 09.15 64f

wind light SE

Few clouds
Yesterday in Biddulph - northern Northern Staffordshire# - it was dull and cloudy am and sunny 19C in the pm.

Today light wind and 19C at 4pm..

# 1 mile more North and it's Southern Cheshire....
Manchester today was cloudy and quite windy. Weather site reckons grey cloud, average 16oC and wind of 21mph

Quite a nice day for Manchester lol :smilielol5:
Having enjoyed fine weather for ten days we are battening down the hatches for a week's wind and deluge.
County show, knee deep in mud on Thursday :seeya:
Hi Mon 13.56 overcast gusty 19c Longmynd Shropshire bee's working like mad still bringing plenty of white pollen one hive about 25 % red pollen, had to fill the bird bath again the bee's soon lower the level, several fighting on edge of water they both end up swimming,put in twigs but they prefer to propel themselve with wings .Terry

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