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    Still Feeding

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    Still Feeding

    The weather is still changeable so still feeding. Last week they were bringing in lots of pollen, mainly gorse I think
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    Oman beekeeping

    Omani Honey. Lived in Oman for 10 years, the photos and the article bring it flooding back. The Omani's use a lot of honey in many ways, most of it is imported and very cheap. That is until you try to buy Omani honey, which is either given to special friends or sold at around £100 a kilo...
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    Spring Feeding.

    Still Feeding This was my girls last week. Think it is gorse that they are bringing in. The weather is still changeable so still feeding
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    Its getting Springier!

    Signs of Spring Oil Seed Rape starting to flower in Nottingham
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    Who's lost a swarm then...........

    Out there and back again Yep mine swarmed yesterday, but had a change of mind and went back in eventually. Could not find queen, but found 1 QC took a nut off with queen cell as insurance. Will inspect hive today to see if queen is there or what isa happening. Sods law off to Portugal on Sunday
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    Introducing Nucleus to Poly 14 x 12 Hive

    Thanks for the info. Think I will go along with the dummied down BB and a block under the frames. Tanks again
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    Introducing Nucleus to Poly 14 x 12 Hive

    Tried searching to no avail. I have a complete Poly National 14 x12 Hive, given as a Christmas present, and I want to introduce a Nucleus which is on standard National brood frames. Is it feasible to place the nuc directly into the dummied down 14 x 12 and as the bees muptilpy give 14 x 12's...
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    Anyone using icing sugar only to treat Verona?

    Also believe that it icing sugar can sometimes dehydrate the larvae in the cells if used to excess.
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    The beauty of pollination

    Absolutely amazing. Thanks for that
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    Happy Birthday to us !!!!

    Happy Birthday and well done Admin you are the ultimate diplomat
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    National Trust

    Suggest, very politely in light of other threads, that you read the 2nd column.
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    honey extraction

    i extracted one super using a seive supported on a frame work with a honey bucket, or othr container underneath. Scrape the capped cells using a spoon and placw in seive. Works best in a warm room or airing cupboard.
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    Microsope images of a mite

    IMHO it looks like Braula coeca a wingless fly that lives harmlessly on adult bees. Sometimes called the bee louse. Found it in the Fera managing varroa booklet
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    bee books

    I bought the Haynes Bee manual a fewe weeks ago well presented and with excellent colour photos. A few glaring errors though: They Queen colour markings on page 80 are wrong, this year ends in a 1 and the colour should be white, not Yellow as stated in the book. There are also a few weighty...