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    And stay out!

    drone = :owned: All of mine are clearing house today!
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    is it wrong that I like the crunchy, squelchy noise I hear when re stacking my boxes?
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    last years supers

    The bees had not cleaned off my wet supers quite as well as I would have liked last year and im left with some mouldy patches and the smell of fermented honey. Will they clean these off well enough to use for this years honey?
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    Advice re newly made up nuc please

    They need a fame of stores
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    Essex newbee!

    Hey welcome, what part of Essex?
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    Emptying honey out of extractor

    Tongue, with help from fingers
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    collecting swarms in high trees

    one from the local association, bucket on a 12meter extendable pole!
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    hive naming/numbering convention

    1,2,3... the hives are not numbered but the position in the apiary
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    Yes, sorry meant test block. Although reading still tends to differ depending on position of test block on surface.
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    Anyone know how to calibrate the gain express one? It changes depending on the position of the stone?
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    Minimum level of filtration

    Hi all, Can anyone confirm what is the minimum level of filtration required for selling the selling of honey to the public. I realize that in practice this may go out of the window(I know someone who uses a stocking!) But what is the minimum if you are following the letter of the law? Cheers...
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    When do new cells get polished?

    Good Question, I have always understood it to be a good sign but not sure if it actually proves anything? I am eager to see an answer
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    Swarms look out

    15 meter boom is 325+ delivery/collection for 3 day hire from headends
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    Do my bees have Nosema? (photo)

    A picture speaks a thousand words!
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    will 0.5 mile make much differance - OSR

    I agree, fantastic!