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    BBC 2 8:00 African honey bees

    Really? Who writes this stuff?
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    My First Honey Extractor What One?

    One thing to think about if going for an extractor that will take more than 1 super's worth of frames, is where your "bottleneck" will be. I would suggest that it will be uncapping, you can comfortably uncap a box of fully capped frames, with the simple knife method, in the time it takes to...
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    Treating nosema with garlic !?

    I think mandrake plants would be good starting point, but I can't comment upon their reputation, good or otherwise
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    Changing hive type - advice for next year

    In addition to what RAB wrote, I would, respectfully, suggest that if you need to ask all these questions, then perhaps you aren't ready for such a radical enterprise.
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    Animal Human Embryonic Hybrids in UK Labs

    Who the hell do we "belong to" then, if our own health is not ours to meddle with? Not interested in sky fairies/spagghetti monsters/fat men in lotus positions/any other unspecified deity, but I am intersted in the contention that someone/thing else owns the intellectual property rights to us!
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    What Bees to Keep?

    I can heartily recommend getting docile, highly productive bees, of a strain that rarely swarm, overwinter well, and start early in the spring. Good luck with that! Joking aside, Point #1 from Steve Dyer is spot on, you'll never be 100% sure, at least not if you have an ounce of sense!
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    Apis mellifera mellifera

    I couldn't help noticing that a bee based auction site has Welsh queens for sale, are these near you susbees?
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    Why say NO to doing a course?

    I don't think any of the respondents to this thread are arguing against courses per se, all they have done is answer the original question, which was "why say no?". I am firmly in the "had enough education" camp, and have been subjected to just such idiocy as o90o mentioned, I had to do a Basic...
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    Two to a cell............????

    How very generous of you to "applaud the use of Welsh language"! If you want a translation - ask! That is the polite thing to do, not whine about anyone having the temerity to use their native tongue and a native British tongue to boot.
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    Temperture at last.....

    it's horrible here isn't it Norton, I'm up near Famagusta, lovely and sunny today, all the flowers are starting to come out and some bushes are buzzing with bees
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    Has anyone on here purchased one of these BS National poly hives?

    Wow, "Extreme Beekeeping"! Or lots of hives to move and short nights to do it in?:rofl:
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    Bee keeping- can you make a profit?

    I dont think theres any problem with saying local honey may help hay fever sufferers. Rouhgly 70% of hay fever sufferers have a grass pollen allergy and its a long shot to imagine local honey will help them ,but for the other 30% ish then theres a good chance contact with the pollens which...
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    Wax Steam Extractor

    Most nuts are already hollow ;) but for the bolt (or piece of studding) find your local fastener specialist (most towns will have one tucked away in a light industrial unit somewhere) in the Yellow Pages, if they don't hold such a thing they should be able to help you source one. My local one...
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    Just what IS IN your Honey?

    Got to pick you up on that one, pick any homeopathic remedy off the shelf at the chem..ahem, witch emporium, and find ANYTHING other than water (with a memory of course) and I will buy you a pint!
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    Bee keeping- can you make a profit?

    Are you married/in a long term relatioship? If so does your partner work - this is a key to keeping bees for a living :laughing-smiley-014 Do you have a decent pension? This is a key to living off bees!:smilielol5: Have you paid for your equipment outright (ie no loan to service)? This is a...