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  • QUOTE=Blodwen Price;53383]Makro and Costco are both selling granulated sugar at 56p/kg in 25kg bags.

    Sadly both require a card, Costco is £25+VAT/year, available on production of any business paperwork BUT also available to NHS workers, Police, Fire, HM Forces etc.

    Makro - can't remember what was required for the card but it's free.

    As an offer, I can "host" a guest at either establishment, I'm in Bristol, Makro is at Cribbs and Costco at Avonmouth, if anyone wants to get a load PM me and I'll get you in. I have spoken to Makro about getting a shedload at a time, they need about 4-5 working days notice to get enough in, I was asking about getting 2-3 tonnes at a time.

    bitch !
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