What's the most honey you got from 1 hive?

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Nov 29, 2008
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Crawley, W,Sussex. uk
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What's the most honey you got from 1 hive?

Last year I got 176lb of honey from 1 hive.

I remember reading you can get over 300lb from 1 hive.
Has anyone ever done that?
And what is the most Honey you have got from 1 hive??

And why am I still up at 2.35am????:smilie_bett:
What's the most honey you got from 1 hive?


To get a good yield you need a good long lasting pastures and a big hive.

I have every year hives which get over 200 lbs honey. It is mainly from summer rape.

Best average yield from all hives together is 260 lbs/hive 1994. Two years later yield was 70 lbs.

I have many sad stories about not getting yield. I had a site which gove over 200 lbs per hive and then it dropped down to 40. 3 miles away I got from every hive over 200 lbs. It told that pastures had changed and hay had concured flower areas.
Last season was my first year and one hive from a swarm gave me 30lb.

Only a small amount yet the best tasting honey you ever tasted because it was my first.

I keep telling farmers just how much rape oil is per tonne compared to corn as I live in a corn growing area with the nearest rape about 5 miles away.

I may well send 2 hives on holiday for the rape in the spring.

My main flow will be July for organic lavender,I plan to have around 6 hives covering it.

Mosquito you had a late night? I was busy building a database last night with a list of classes and open days throughout the uk and Ireland during 2009,I would of come to chat if I realised someone was online that late.
I move my hives inside radius 20 km. I try to stay inside 10 km radius but it is difficult to find good pastures enough.

If bees must fly 1 km to rape field, 50% of yield will disapear for distance.

Moist weather during rape blooming and 2 km to fly and you get not at all surplus into hives, although bees carry full loads into the hive.
The most we ever got from a single hive here in Cyprus is 128 kilos. It was a stationary hive. A colony with one of our queens produced 156 kilos in Austria. Yields of 80 to 90 kilos are common in good years and the bees are moved around.
This year we had an average of 0 (yes ZERO) kilos here in Cyprus due to the severe drought - less than 50mm of rain in whole year.
Best regards
Norton how much syrup have you had to feed this year to compensate?
I had one hive that gave 5 supers of rape, so that would be just shy of 200 lbs, and went on to give three sups on the heather most of which was comb honey, say another 120 or so. Plus the honey out of the BB. so yes over 300.

They superceded on the heather of course so I lost the chance to breed of her and the daughter was nothing in comparison so a fluke it seemed.
You tool honey out of the BB???
I think you should leave them some real honey for winter.
What was the original queen PH ?
Did you buy her in ?
No recollection now as to whether I bred her or bought her as a hive.
I think we have discussed this before Mossie but it goes like this.

Heather is high in pollen and so is not the best of winter foods in my opinion though others disagree.

However if Heather sells at ?4-50 a pound and sugar is 70p why winter on heather.

Plus by feeding heavily there is the chance of more brood and foundation drawn out too.

Made sense to me.


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