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Aug 31, 2009
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Hi guys,
Can you advise me if it would be ok to use external board to repair the floor only on a national hive that I have been given or use t+g!!!
What is this 'external board' that you mention ? ...

For a floor repair I would use the nearest equivalent material available at the time.

If you've got to buy new then WBP ply is low cost, or get some suitable timber offcuts from a wood yard or timber supplier.

Failing that get 'Hivemaker' - forum member' to save you a bit.
My last 20 hive floors used to be the childrens bunkbeds+Thornes mesh,I would not go cutting up the kids beds unless they have already left home though.
It's that stuff that looks as if it's made from wood planings.

Ahem, I think what you are referring to is called OSB. It's supposed to be equivalent to wood for external use, but I suspect it depends on what you term to be 'wood'.

Personally I would not use it for floors, or much else in beehives, although it's use for roof boards seem to be popular.

For the quantity involved any timber or ply would seem a better alternative.
Your right it is osb type material! the consensus of opinion is no then, save it for the roof !
Thanks for your thoughts
Well I bought a sheet 8' x 4' for the tops of my hive stands and it's already showing signs of deterioration although I did treat it at the time, so I wouldn't recommend it for a floor......but I've already said that. I think where it's used for a roof it is protected from the wet under the metal covering. I think it tends to be used under the budget range roofs, my old roofs are wood (well rotten wood actually :rofl:) Dunno about a non budget one......Hivemaker???

I would not go cutting up the kids beds unless....

Not a bad way to give them a hint they can't easily ignore....

Regards, RAB

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